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Re: 24bit FLAC files -> CD

eek I don't know that prog (still waiting to win the lotto and buy it!). since you've got that you'll probably be able to figure out the details... you need to "convert bit depth" somehow, from 24bit to 16bit, there should be an option for enabling dither somewhere in there. I expect they will have it on by default. When you're done you can check the properties of the wav file to make sure it is now 16bit/44100Hz (CD standard). Listening carefully to parts where the music fades out comparing between the original and the converted version will show you the quality of the conversion.

I'm sorry I really don't know protools or RTAS very well at all. If you want to post screenshots and bits from the help files concerning dither I can answer more questions for you as best as I can.
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