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Re: Lineage Question

The Paramount Show hasn't neccesarily been on a CDR at all according to the (not clear) lineage it is a liberated bootleg. What isn't reported is the software used to go from wav to shn. I didn't put in another cdr generation when I removed the tracks, just converted to wav, used EAC to remove silence (I accept this may not have been the best thing to do but I was new to this sort of thing) and then FLACed the tracks. It went down really well the 2 times I seeded it on STG, I asked at the time whether there were any issues with me seeding it, no one objected, no one commented on any of the above issues, no one said there were any (nasty or otherwise) gaps or pops once they had downloaded it. However, I now see it isn't appropriate I share it here so I won't.
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