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Re: Lineage Question

I'm in the process of manually removing some mp3-gaps (for personal listening only don't worry!) so figured it was a good opportunity to check out EAC's ability. The only gap-removal function I found was Process File...Remove>...Leading/Ending Silence - this is what has been used in this case yes?

I would strongly discourage using this as a reliable source for gap detection/removal for the following reasons:
  • On the sample I used, the gap wasn't precisely at the beginning of the file (presumably due to offset mis-matching) so EAC didn't even find it at first.
  • Not all "gaps" go directly to digital silence. This mp3 (and presumable all such examples) had some tailing-off crap which EAC obviously didn't remove. It's quite possible that TAO would have the same problem.
  • Anything that creates gaps (mp3, TAO...) may also remove a small amount of the audio. As such, simply removing the gap could leave a jump in the waveform at the join (which could cause a click). In the rare cased whereby the only available copy of something has gaps that need to be fixed, it will often sound better to remove a few extra sample of audio so that the wave runs smoothly, rather than having every available sample there but a sudden jump between them.
So basically my advice would be, if you are going to remove gaps, do so manually and very carefully with a good waveform editor, preferably one with which you can zoom in on the vertical axis as well as the horizontal so that you can check there are no nasty jumps in the waveform following gap deletion.
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