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Re: question about audio receivers

Originally Posted by diggrd
Double Bah the experience of DSotM live in a small vaudeville era theater, where by the way the sound did travel around the audience's head can never be topped for me. Great thread since I too am seeking a new receiver for the step up to HT for the ever amassing collection of music DVD's I find myself in possesion of.
Closest I ever got to that was at Pittsburghs Three River Stadium (RIP-they tore it down a couple years back) during the DSoT tour. They had speakers up in the nosebleed sections at the top of the stadium at the left-right-and rear for that surround sound experience. I was lucky enough to be something like 26 rows back from center stage and I still remember looking up at those extra stacks and seeing guys literally hanging off of the speakers.....they must've been deaf by the end of the show...
But the WEIRDEST thing about the concert? was a really hot and really humid was completely clear with the sun shining, but when I walked into the stadium? was raining! That's the strangest sensation to look inside and see it raining, turn around and see the sun outside. The humidity was so high that a small raincloud actually formed right inside the stadium for a couple.
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I will add one more bit of advice you might want to think might want your receiver to have a TOSLINK connector (fiber) so if you play any DTS encoded CD's the DTS signal will make it from your player to the receiver...well, if you plan on ever playing any of them. There's more and more being released everyday. Personally I'm not impressed with the majority of the mixes as it seems the engineers have "movie mix" mentality on the brain....meaning they want to plant the vocals right in front at that center speaker. Meatloafs Bat Of Hell sounds AWFUL. Give me the old quad mixes any day... BUT for those who don't have those as reference the new stuff is entertaining.
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