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Re: Lineage Question

I have a great deal of skepticism about using EAC to remove gaps....knowing what some gaps/clicks/pops look like, I know that it's simply impossible to remove these without painstakingly going on a deleting each one by hand. I am sure that for some things, it works...but there's just not way that it's a foolproof method, and I'm quite hesitant to grant that this is an accepted method of gap removal.

I, as Lynne already stated, and curious as to WHY those gaps were there to begin with. Were they full 2-second TAO gaps, or were they short clicks? Do you still have the original files, because if so, we can do a bit of detective work to find out what caused them, and also confirm that EAC removed them correctly.

I'm willing to help work on this to track down this info if you're willing to, but as it is right now, there are a few questions that are making me uneasy about seeding this.

First step, is to take a spectal analysis with EAC. The second step is to zoom way in on the last few samples of a track and on the first few samples of the next one, so that we can try to determine what caused the gaps.

Post back or PM me if you need help!
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