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Re: Lineage Question

Originally Posted by wesi72
Here is the lineage for a Beach Boys show I want to post:

Paramount Theater: DAT Master > Liberated Bootleg > Wav > Shn > wav > EAC (remove gaps between tracks) > FLAC
Rehearsal: DAT Master > CD-R > Wav > Shn > wav > EAC (remove gaps between tracks) > FLAC

I downloaded it off Easytree, then used EAC to remove the gaps between the tracks (not for audio extraction cos I didn't burn it), then FLACed the files. I have burnt and listened to the show and it sounds OK to me, no noise, gaps or anything suspect. I subsequently seeded my version on STG twice.

It has been ISO'ed here, and I want to upload it, the problem is that the lineage doesn't specify the original extraction software. Can I upload it, as I have listened to it and it sounds fine, or should I not?

I this the same paramount show that was already seeded on STG?? It is from 1993. I could reseed the main part of the show but it was only 2 discs...furtheremore it was missing the 4 encore songs which I uploaded (but took them from a cassette). If you have the 4 rehearsal songs maybe we could combine them to make the whole show. Let me dig out the info and I will have it out later.
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