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Re: Bad Trader: ALPINE97 (Matt Jacobs)

Originally Posted by calvin1663
hey...I've got about a 30kbps upload speed...doesn't mean my ratio has to suck. just leave the comp on overnight to seed, it's not really that hard...sheesh.porkrol...

I think just about everyone has a capped upload of 30kbps but can download around 1.5Mbps or is a fact of highspeed internet.
There is no way to download everything, so people must learn to mail trade. Also, Mail trades DO NOT make up for poor share ratios because a person who mail trades gets something in return (hence the name 'trade')...If you have a bad share ratio, I think posting a thread offering 'freebies' is in order instead...
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"If your share ratio is less than 1.0, then please offer b&ps and/or freebies to give back to the TTD community" ~Chachi
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