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Re: Bad Trader: Crimsontradergirl (Zoe)

Originally Posted by calvin1663
I'm just saying that people with higher ratios are often treated with more respect/confidence (not the right word necessarily, im having a mind block)...

nevermind, disregard my comments, and sorry about the trade-seems like you got thrown for a loop (is she a member here?)

Yes. indeed a mind block - it is unfair to say that as those with poor share ratio's are more likely to get ripped off...anyway that aside if you go to search and type in prince you will see a post somewhere that i posted called 'prince trade'. we exchanged about 2 or 3 e-mails and she gave me all this extensive info on her prince collection and all the 'goodies' she would send me in return for what i was sending her. oh well unfortunatly there are people out there who have no regard for others but im glad to say based on my experiences it is really just a small minority
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