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Re: Bad Trader: ALPINE97 (Matt Jacobs)

I think we get it about religion but you can keep draging it on if you will And how you can compair mail trades to share ratio is beyond me everyone use one mail service the USPS which is free except for the stamps if use ups or something thats great but there is no logical explantion how you could compair share ratios to mail trades. Last time I checked people use different ISP and some ISP have a cap on the upload speed like mine which is caped at 30, It is kind of hard to seed a 1:1 ratio with a 30 upload speed. Unless I leave the window open for 6 days straight. And when I download something from hear I trade or b&p to other people who can't get it, kinda like it says when you first come to the ttd about share ratios offer up b&ps and vines and shit. And its just race so grow up me bashing a religion isn't that big of deal its part of life go to the Politics at the Den and look what some of the topics are I see a lot of anti middle east post and shit so please don't try to lecture me on what people have allready said as they say you where a day late and a dollar short.
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