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Re: BT Speeds all-of-a-sudden suck

Originally Posted by Bieke2be
Yeah,it is.
They claim it's for security reasons.
port 25-> anti spam.
ports 137-138-139 -> that's a window bug problem.
port 445: virus Deloder A uses this port.

(this is the info my providor gives for closing the ports. I don't know if the reasons given are trustworthy)

I'm limited at: 3.3 mb/s download and 256kb/s uploadspeed
Yeah, I am not even sure why I said I'd be, I should expect it. I am also limited to 3-3.5mb/s download and 300kb/s upload. I don't have the exact numbers because they just changed, but those are close enough. I wish I was on the Internet 2 backbone and everyone else here was, we would dominate.
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