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Re: BT Speeds all-of-a-sudden suck

LOL...with terms like "increase revenue penetration" and "reduce cost churn", that first link reeks of good, old fasioned "business" mumbo jumbo. Just say those phrases out loud to yourself, and tell me that they don't send chills down your spine. Apparently, the only "moral" thing to do is worry about the ISP company's balance, not the quality of the service you get.

Get a clue buddy....the only "solution" here is a way for the cable companies to make more money offering you less of a service. Maybe for the corporate swine, this is a solution, but for us music traders, it's something that's going to cause us to look elsewhere for an ISP.

Think about this, since you've got such a nicely shaped moral consciense. Is it right for someone to sell you an "unlimited" internet account, and then call you a "network abuser" when you take full advantage of that? To me, the moral thing to do would be to spell out, in black and white on the service contract, what the limitations that are going to be put on my internet connection. Obfuscation of the actual terms of service and employment of unscrupulous and undocumented methods to limit people's useage on "unlimited" internet accounts is bullshit.

As many of these methods begin to be widley used is equal to the number of things people are going to circumvent. I think you're the one that needs to "get used to it".
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