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Re: iMic, yea or nay?

Originally Posted by wattershed
Also, unless it's an incredibly pristine recording, there's a decent chance that you may not even be able to tell the difference between a recording transferred via 1/8" cable, and one transferred with optical cable.
I think that if you are using an Audigy soundcard to convert the headphone out of your minidisc to a digital signal then you are losing a lot of quality at that stage. The audigy cards discard a lot of stereo info and don't sound very good.

My advice is... patience.

1) Keep your master minidiscs safe and sound. Good job being there to record them.

2) Wait until the point in time (even a couple years) when you have the best gear possible to do justice to your recordings. Since you have the only copies, what you spread around is the best anybody will have. So do a job you can be proud of. I have tapes that have sat in a box for almost a decade until I had the time or equipment to take care of them.
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