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Re: BT Speeds all-of-a-sudden suck

Originally Posted by RainDawg
Bieke2be, there is probably nothing you can do....your ISP likely has your connection capped pretty low. If you're getting green lights in you BT Client window, then your ports are open and your speed is as high as you can make it.

The only exception to this is to find out if your ISP is intentionally blocking BitTorrent, which some have started to do. There are ways to change over to other ports or mask the data so that they cannot tell that it's BT, but if they are not blocking it then these methods are going to take a lot of time to test for nothing.

Try to find out what your rated speed is from your ISP, and ask them if they limit or block certain protocols/ports.
That seems pretty much impossible to me. If they give you problems change bittorrent to use ports 21 or 80, are they going to block ftp and http axx for u too? Secondly, check to make sure when you updated your windows that your network config didnt get messed up. If you are behind a router you should have a static ip on that machine so you can forward the ports to it. I am guessing you already tried that but might as well check.
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