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Re: question about audio receivers

Originally Posted by Scott
Dark Side of the Moon in SACD is an experience all to it's own.
Bah! me DSotM sounds much better sourced from the original quadraphonic source(s) to DTS...and why in the world they still haven't (re)released WYWH in surround is a mystery to me. If any album should be floating around your head it's definately that one.

Keeping on the thread subject though, I have a Yamaha receiver and am happy with it. I haven't looked at receivers for about two years now so I'm out of the loop, but one thing I'd make sure I could do is set the balance on each speaker with the remote "on the fly." Must be my hearing, or the way different things are mixed but I usually find myself either raising or lowering something while I'm listening. Either the voices are too soft in a movie compared to the special effects or the rear channels don't envelope me into the "experience" as much as I'd like.
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