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Re: question about audio receivers

Originally Posted by SIBLY
I have an older (last series before 5.1 emerged) mid-level Yamaha. Mine switches video as well. But too old for componet input. Still sounds great and never had any problem. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

I am TV shopping, and it is a nightmare. So much out there. I am looking at DLP and LCD rear projections (42"-50"). The true flat screens are too much money. I have been looking at Sonys, Panasonics and Toshibas. I won't buy an RCA, Zenith, Smsunbg or a no-name.

Anyone with experience in this line of fun?
I bought a 32" Toshiba flat screen about 18 months ago. I've been mostly pretty happy with it but the sound from the tv alone isn't rich enough, it has to run through a av system. It's a beast though, weighing in at about 150 pounds and 22" deep. I was a little bummed though because right after I bought it I got a nice work bonus that would have let me afford the 36" or a flat panel. I have a relatively small living room though so I can live with the 32".

For the record I decided on a Denon system yesterday and picked up an avr-1705 receiver and a dcm-380 cd player. A HUGE improvement over the lower tiered 8 year old jvc components that I was living with.
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