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Re: question about audio receivers

I wouldn't waste any money on a 2 channel receiver. It's just too obsolete. You don't know what capabilities you'll want in 2 or 3 years. Find a nice, 5 channel receiver (even if you're only suing 2 channels) with matching wattage to each channel. Look for binding posts, not spring clips for the speaker wire connection. You want multiple audio and video connections. I have 2 VCR's, 1 LD, 1 DVD, TV audio and 1 CD changer hooked up to mine.

One of the coolest things about A/V receivers is the video switching capability. All of your video sources come into the receiver. VCR, satellite, DVD, whatever. Then a single video cable connects from monitor out on receiver to monitor in on TV. Then when you switch from satellite to DVD, it's one button. The unit switches the audio routing and the video routing at the same time.
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