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Re: An all open source or at least free-ware PC?

Anti-Virus: AVG Free Edition

Spyware Detection/Removal: a combination of Ad-Aware and Spybot - Search & Destroy

Image Programs: Gimp has already been mentioned. Sodipodi also seems to be a similar program with a little easier time drawing. I had a little trouble getting the program to run (I had to rename a dll in the folder and still have to run the executable from the folder), but it is worth looking in to.

Browser: If you are not already using Firefox, then may the Great Magnet have mercy on your soul.

Video players: VideoLAN and Media Player Classic make the heart grow fonder.

And, just for the heck of it, I'll plug Knoppix and Gnoppix in case you ever want to experiment with Linux but don't want to install it. I keep a copy of Knoppix around just in case my system goes haywire and I need to boot from a stable OS so I can at least salvage the remaining files on my hard drive.

And for further hecking of it, AutoHotkey is a fantastic program everyone should get to learn how to use if you like scripting and automation. It takes a little work to get going, but once you do, the possibilities are endless.
Audio and video, oh my!
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