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Re: FM Transmitter and IPod

Get the new BMW. It's the ultimate iPod accessory. Isn't that their new motto?

Just kidding. It is cool as hell however that there is a firewire plug in the glovebox, and you can control your iPod via the audio control on the steering wheel and everything is out of sight. Just plug it in and go.

Before I got the new BMW (not for the iPod), I first tried the FM transmitter. It sucked. Especially on road trips as you will frequently drive through areas where you'll get bleedover from a nearby FM signal. I then used the tape for about a year and a half. That was great. Really easy to use and the quality of the audio was superior to anything I got via FM.

RainDawg is correct. The BEST thing to do would be to hook it up via an AUX input. There may be one on the back of the deck. Or you can buy a new deck with AUX inputs right on the front.

BTW, the new Honda Element has AUX jacks up front and you can just plug the iPod right in.

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