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Re: iMic, yea or nay?

Originally Posted by Five
glad to help out. save up and get the JB3!!
I'm sure this is what you meant :P

I love love love my Nomad Jukebox 3.

Also, unless it's an incredibly pristine recording, there's a decent chance that you may not even be able to tell the difference between a recording transferred via 1/8" cable, and one transferred with optical cable.

Your bigger hurdle with that MD is that since it doesn't have a line-in on it, it's not going to be able to handle higher decibels very well (usually denoted by an SPL, or sound pressure level). A mic connected to the mic-in will be able to handle up to a certain number before distorting...much of the lows and highs that a concert brings will be truncated or distorted.
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