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Re: EAC burning question

Originally Posted by Five
hmm... then you're stuck with using the combined read/write offset values which means that if you set up for ripping with EAC and burning exact copies with Nero or whatever then other people who attempt to burn exact copies (99% most likely) won't get them. Seems strange that EAC is acting up on you, I know that a lot of people have trouble burning with it but it works great on my two burners. Check the link to the coaster factory in my sig too.
It has been working fine since I downloaded it and configured EAC. I know that coaster factory link well, its in my favorites. Like I stated, I haven't changed anything since it was working properly. But now it seems to be acting up on me. Could it be a CDR burning drive issue. Mine has been overworked in the past 2 years, maybe its crapping out on me. How do I know when its time to get a new one?
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