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Re: iMic, yea or nay?

Originally Posted by Gizby
If my recorder has a digital out, it is hiding very very well. Unless I have been huffing paint for the past two years, the MT180 has no digital out.

So I guess I will be sticking with the old headphone jack/analog in approach.

yeah, I just looked at the manual (available here). Your MD has digital input available, you need a special cable with 1/8" on one end and optical on the other (I know because my Sony MZ-R30 is the same). No digital output. One other thing worth mentioning is watch out when you're using the headphone out--you should be using a "line out" which your MD doesn't have. Headphone outputs supply voltage that is meant to drive little speakers (headphones), and can sometimes cause damage when they're hooked up to line-level inputs (like your soundcard). This almost never happens, but I had to warn you because this actually happened to a friend of mine. On the bright side, I've done it many times and have never damaged anything. See if you can borrow an MD from a friend for the transfer.
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