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Re: Firewall type stuff

Originally Posted by irishcrazy2005
Two questions:
1) Does anyone know how to do port forwarding on the built in Windows XP SP2 firewall? I can figure out how to allow programs, but it only lets you put in one port at a time (kind of hard to do if you need a whole slew of ports open for BT).
You have to open them one port at a time with XP....that's how I did it.

Originally Posted by irishcrazy2005
2) Does anyone have any idea on how I can get around some block that my school has on BT? I have no idea what they have done because it is so sporadic. Some days I can download at over 100kbps, and some days I can't get above 5kbps (that is independent of the amount of seeders/leechers). In addition, I can never upload much more than 5kbps. I have noticed that it will only allow me to upload 1 kpbs to each user I am connected to.
There are ways to do this, but I've never needed to so can't offer experience of my own. It has something to do with port-forwarding, and using a different range than BT usually uses but spoofing it so that other peers know where to look for you.

Someone here has to know the answer to this.
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