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Re: Saving the site?

Some weird database or connection errors are the result of race conditions that occur when peak loads happen.

The proper fix is in software, but usually that's not necessary with modern hardware. In particular is the database drive's performance. Intel's MLC flash drives are a must- like the DC S3700 or one of the PCIe or NVMe variants. They have IOs/sec hundreds or thousands of times higher than spinning rust and long life (you'll be gone before they fail). They vastly outperform consumer TLC and QLC SSD drives.

If that's not fast enough, there's ramdisks, which are stupid fast though pricey.

I use the DCS3700 for boot drives and audio-video work drives. The 400GB drive is rated at 7300TBW and often lasts several times longer. Compare with consumer TLC and QLC drives that fail after 200 to 750TBW. At my prior Systems Admin job, I used them on any multiuser database and never had any strange issues.

I'm partially retired and have over 20 years of PHP MySQL experience in both Windows and Linux environments. I have selected hosting providers, installed, configured, admined several PHP based sites and modded lots of PHP. I'm also a Systems Engineer with extensive programming experience in C++, C#, Delphi, Lazarus, assembler (any CPU or microcontroller), AutoIt, Python, Javascript, VBS, BASIC, and scripts in various shells.

I'm an analog, digital, and power electronics Design Engineer and an AutoCAD and Solidworks guru and 3D printing expert. I'm a web developer too- PHP, ASP.NET, and Coldfusion. I've also done a lot of expert systems and a few simple AI designs. I automate as many tasks as possible. I created a VIP-files downloader in AutoIt (this is about the 100th thing I've automated with AutoIt). I can probably automate stopping goofs.

I'm an audio and videophile and experienced with post production and audio-video mastering and restoration (I have Avisynth and Topaz VEAI dreams). Drones and fast chargers for batteries- blame me... I was a pioneer in that field in the 90s and helped design the first brushless DC motor technology and automatic fast chargers for the RC model airplane market. I tape gigs and recently learned the tricks to getting great recordings. I build my own gear.

A lot of that is not really relevant but the point is that I'm a problem solver with good social skills. If I can't solve a problem, I find someone who can. Due to lack of time (and so I don't go insane), I often delegate tasks to other qualified individuals. I have a CS degree but most of what I know is self-taught.

I would be honored to admin The Traders Den and manage the site and moderators, do fundraisers, as well as fix the server and tracker issues. If interested, please send me a PM.

And folks thought xavier242 was just a silly thread. No, I'm an actual real person.
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