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Re: Bit Torrent for Dummies

Originally Posted by Tide Pools
What exactly is available from my PC to share?

I have about 100 gigs of shows in my HD and would love to be a contributer to this site, but i seem to be very lost about how to do so. Any advice would be awesome..........THANKS
It's not the same as DC or other p2p programs in that there is no designated folder that you share. You are only sharing the show for which you have a BitTorrent window open. BT is totally different. People don't search your files and pick something to download. They cannot see what you have on your computer at all. You have to "hand" them the show you are offering at the time, then they choose to grab it or not.

If you want to share some of the shows you have you would have to pick which one, make a torrent file and upload it to a tracker. This will be the only thing you are sharing since you need to make a torrent file and have it on a tracker for people to find it. Then you upload it for a day or two until many people have gotten it and you can close your window and the other people who downloaded it will (presumably) keep their windows open and keeping uploading the show. It will remain active as long as people keep sharing without you needing to keep your window open.

As Lynne mentioned this site has standards that must be met, so you should check the FAQ for that, but from what I understood you were thinking you would just share by putting them in a particular folder or something which is not the case with BT.

This is a good beginners FAQ that explains just how BT works:
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