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Re: Bit Torrent for Dummies

Let's see Tide Pools....

First, check out our Other Links (under Quick Links) for a list of other resources to help you out. Also, we have a lot of information in our FAQ (also in the menu bar) that should help you out.

Once i close the BT window on a show after it is complete and noone is uploading from me, is it not accessable to other users?
Once you close the window, no one may connect to you any longer. Common etiquette says you shouldn't close your window until you have allowed people to upload from you as much as you downloaded from others (a 1:1 sharing ratio).

If not, how can i make it accessable once again?
It depends on the client, but in general, you double click the torrent file again and when it asks you where to put the files, you click on the folder that was made during the last download. For instance, I have a torrent file called U21992-04-23.shnf.torrent and it created a folder called U21992-04-23.shnf where it put all the files. So, I would click on the folder U21992-04-23 when the client asks where it wants me to put the files. It will then go through and verify that the show is completely downloaded and then you will start seeding the show.

What happens if i move a show into my shared folder for direct connect?
Your client will get confused about where the folder is, so you will need to redirect it to where the folder is as I outlined above.

What exactly is available from my PC to share?

I have about 100 gigs of shows in my HD and would love to be a contributer to this site, but i seem to be very lost about how to do so. Any advice would be awesome..........THANKS
We are very big on lineage here. We want to know where a show came from. If you have shows that have clearly defined lineage (please read our Audio/Video BitTorrent Seeding Policy in our FAQ), then those shows are eligible to be shared here. If you have questions about something, feel free to either post in Technobabble or ask a Mod.
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