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Re: BT Speeds all-of-a-sudden suck

well when I bought a new computer installed xp,zonealarm pro firewall
and abc bittorrent client and started to d/l and I soon realised that the speed never went over 120 kB/S
it dosen't matter if I UL or DL it's the same seems like 120 kBs is the limit
with my old computer I got speed up to 150-160 farily often
not all the time but still sometimes tho
with my new computer that has never happend.... it's simply refuse to go over
120 kBs....I don't have a router only zonealarm ...closed xp's firewall
the only big diffrence between my new and old puter is xp
I had windows me on my old one..any tips is most welcomed
because this irretate me
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