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Re: Clipping on official releases

This is almost something I wish I didn't know about. I remember when I transferred System Of A Down's Steal This Album onto MD it managed to nudge the volume meter onto the the "overloaded" final notch, but I've never really worried myself with the issue. I don't listen to music on particularly high fidelity equipment, so I'm fairly immune to the odd speaker crackle. But, now I've read things saying "Hey, those truncated waveforms you've seen? They clip. Audibly. Listen!" I'm hearing it and it's gonna bug me. Just put a couple of bits of De-loused on and yes I'm hearing some feint speaker crackle but I'm definitely also hearing some pops/clips. And it's the label's fault, not that of my equipment, so there's nothing I can do about it. grrr

Cheers for the links though guys - even if it wrecks my listening experience for the rest of my life it still makes very interesting reading!
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