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BT Speeds all-of-a-sudden suck

So...more of the same BT firewalling voodoo maybe? I just recently upgraded a few components in the Windows update, I'm running XP Pro SP2. I'm not sure if that's what caused it, but all of a sudden I am unable to get any reasonable speeds in Azureus or BitTornado or even connect to many of the peers. I am getting green lights, but I am only able to get connected to 2-3 peers, though my max is set to 40.

The problem has been on multiple trackers, include TTD, EZT, Etree, SuprNova, and a few other lesser-known ones. there something in the newest XP update patches that could be doing this, or maybe is my ISP doing something to cap my speeds. Normal web-browsing and usenet downloading still screams, but the BTs are dreadful.
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