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Re: Clipping on official releases

Originally Posted by RainDawg
Great article...this is something that I honestly didn't realize as pandemic as it was until just the past few days. But it's really got me pissed off....I mean, I have a volume knob on my stereo, and I can turn it up a bit myself if that's what I want. I'm starting to dig through some of my newer CDs, and I starting to take notice at which ones have been clipressed (compressed to remove the dynamic range and then amplified to clipping point) and which ones have not.

It's a very distrubing trend, and just makes me even more willing to download the album from a p2p or usenet to sample it before buying. Honestly, I'd rather have an high bitrate mp3 from a well-mastered release than an original of something that has been ruined with incompetence.....

It's a trend that started in like 98 was when I first noticed it, a few album with little clips here and there, now it is pretty much every album put out.
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