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Re: shntool help

As the shntool documentation states, the name shntool itself was created back when shn was THE lossless codec. It was intended to make calls to the already existing shorten.exe. A lot of programmers like to keep things that are separate, separate, and so as more codecs came into existence, people just had to add different binaries to make the thing work. Don't think of shntool as being necessarily related to shn though....

As for FLAC, if you already have FLAC frontend installed, it will have put flac.exe into your path, so don't worry about it. In fact, go ahead and try shntool on a bunch of FLACs, but I doubt you'll have an issue.

Also, yes, all you need to do is add those registry items, and it will work. No, the "shell" is not the context menu. It's more just a term for the directory structure and they way in which Windows addresses and calls files.

And finally there should be no quality issues with a CD-RW that are not there for CDRs unless they are ones that have been used a lot and are scratched up. I would think, however, that some fidiot (never heard that term before....) who was dumb enough to send an RW though probably didn't use EAC and take precautions to make sure the audio was clean before trading give it a good listen before trading.

I THINK that answers your questions. I'm glad to see another person learning to use and becoming comfortable with shntool. Use of this program should be mandatory for lossless traders who use the Windows platform...
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