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shntool help

Well, I've been avoiding shntool but no longer can. I've been getting a lot of trades in audio format and am finding that most of those who just want to trade audio cd's are both lazy and don't care about DAE . They Think DAE is fidiot proof and figure faster burning = good burning . I had one guy tell me that flaws in boots are to be expected when i asked him for a "GOOD COPY." But this fidiot never responded when i informed him that diginoise isn't a flaw that should be expected nor tolerated . I've got a pile of discs I'm looking for better sources.

Ok, so since many of these fidiots are so good a ruining a good show with their laziness and stupidity , I figure I need learn shntool and make sure there's no sbe's. So I downloaded and installed shntool. I even found a Microsoft Power toy for XP that allows you to open the command prompt on a folder so you needn't go thru the change directory crap.

So i installed shntool and have read the tutorial that came with shntool. I did the echo path thingy and installed shntool in windows/system32. I did the verify thing and it gave all the version info indicating that shntool is working properly, as the install notes stated.

So then i was ready to play with shntool but i get an error message when I use shntool.

D:\Rips\_HD2\WSP\96-01-23\d1> shntool len *.shn
length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
shntool [len]: warning: could not read data from file 'wsp_96-01-23_d1t01.shn'
using the 'shn' format module - possible causes:
shntool [len]: + decoder program 'shorten' may not have been found
verify it is installed and in your PATH

I've changed the compatability of mkw to windows 2000. But I am very confused because mkw was installed in the program files using the default directory. Do I need to install mkw in the system32 folder also? Or is the "decoder program 'shorten' " another app altogether?

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