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Re: Policy on "remastering"

General question first: I guess all torrents will have to be approved by a moderator first? Screened submissions might be a nice means to keep uninteresting things off the site.. or how exactly are you going to handle this?
Originally Posted by Five
it wouldn't take that long to listen to the clips. think of the fights that would break out, tho...
Well as far as I can tell the people who are both moderators and actually into this kind of stuff are sufficiently level-headed to discuss this in a serious manner.
Originally Posted by Rider
I wanted to do something like this al ong time ago. If you make people submit things to commity they will run and be very pissed about it.
Kind of related to what I mentioned before - if someone isn't proud enough of his work to subject it to a screening process, it's probably not worth it anyway...?
Originally Posted by RainDawg
Perhaps a subforum to technobabble where were could just have an "audio remastering" forum. Then, one a remaster has been fine-tuned, post it in the regular audio forum...people who don't want to see the remastering discussion won't have to.

Would you be willing to help mod such a subforum? I know I would put my name in there and Five will likely do so too. I'll bring this up again if we have the manpower to run it.
I'd totally be up for this.
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