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Re: Policy on "remastering"

Originally Posted by ssamadhi97
To match this site's "high quality only" approach, I wonder whether we could establish some kind of quality control for remasters.. like, people are required to submit clips of the unprocessed and the mastered source, and a group of mods does a quality check to ensure that the remaster lives up to this site's standards.
One of my ideas when we were playing throwing out features for this site was to have a special forum for "remasters" where just this kind of thing would happen....people could post before and after samples, get feedback from fellow audio tinkering geeks, and refine their remaster before seeding it. Five seemed big on the idea but a few others thought it might be more work than it's worth.

I agree completely that this would be a great way to coerce people into providing information as to what they did, and would eliminate the "i cleaned the hiss with wavclean" kind of remasters we see.

Perhaps a subforum to technobabble where were could just have an "audio remastering" forum. Then, one a remaster has been fine-tuned, post it in the regular audio forum...people who don't want to see the remastering discussion won't have to.

Would you be willing to help mod such a subforum? I know I would put my name in there and Five will likely do so too. I'll bring this up again if we have the manpower to run it.
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