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Lightbulb Re: Policy on "remastering"

Originally Posted by Five
most certainly not. around the time STG went down I was just getting to know you, let's just start fresh and discuss issues as they come up, okay?
I'd rather see such matters set in stone and out of the way beforehand.. otherwise chances are we'll end up discussing them over and over again, like on STG.

To match this site's "high quality only" approach, I wonder whether we could establish some kind of quality control for remasters.. like, people are required to submit clips of the unprocessed and the mastered source, and a group of mods does a quality check to ensure that the remaster lives up to this site's standards.

Basically a pain in the ass, sure, but I think this kind of process will do good on several levels: It might scare off at least some of the people who just warezed a copy of Izotope Ozone and think they're great mastering engineers now; it'll ensure that no recordings that have just been eq'd to shit are going to be seeded; it'll allow aspiring mastering hobbyists to gather valuable feedback from people who know what they're doing, thus getting a reality check on their skills..

..and finally I think that anyone who takes pride in his skills and the time and effort he puts into (re)mastering a recording would be more than glad to comply with such requirements.

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