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Re: Azureus Issues

Originally Posted by brittaxi
Hi all,

I'm new to Bit Torrent and started using the Azureus client as I liked the ability to automatically seed the torrents that I am downloading. The problem is that I'm not sure things are set up correctly on my end. While it appears that I was downloading (I know I did - because I downloaded 7 torrents) and I was uploading them. I have a tracker status of:

Connection Error (ConnectException:Connection Refused:connect

My configuration is as follows:

windows XP SP2
windows firewall
Linksys router with port forwarding set for ports 6881 - 6969

my icons never got past yellow and the fastest download or upload speed was 24K. I'm currently sharing now and uploading the U22004-11-22.jammed.dvdf - hash id 386AF89653F883EF9215208CA80D63C99F5CFD95

any thoughts?

If you do not setup your pc and linksys with static IP, nothing will really ever work right. It' took almost a year to figure this out. BT would kind of halfway run, and I could not run a FTP server at all.
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