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Re: Soon to be the greatest portable digital music device! ?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
Yeah, the developers of the Karma pride themselves on being the only ones who have figured this out. It is actually quite a bit more difficult than it would seem apparently. Even the iPod, whose engineerings presumably have an open-ended research budget, have been unable to address this issue.

FLAC support for the Nueros has supposedly already been completed, so I am sure it's release is very close. I have a friend with one of these, who bought it because of the potention an open source firmware would present. He really likes it, but his complaint is that it's a bit large.

I've used both quite a bit, and have to honestly say I prefer the Karma at this point, but give the Neuros a few more months or so, and they may move ahead.....
For me Neuros has features that make it more desireable, such as FM radio and being able to record off it. I have many radio shows I listen to and it would be great to record them to listen to when I won't be interrupted. And the MyFi is a great thing to have built in. And it's the same price or cheaper. I don't mind converting a show to one big OGG file in order to get gapless on it.

Plus, it's black with orange trim. How can you pass that up?
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