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Re: shntool -fix command HELP ??

Yeah, I have a batch file that I use to fix sets. You will have to be careful when you use it, as it will fix the files in sequential order by their filename, so if they are not in order or if you have multiple sets in one folder, it can cause audio to get appended the wrong way.

Also note that this batch file will work on any shn/flac/wav/ape file. You could take out support for one of these formats if you choose. As a default, this will output to .wav with the -fixed appended to the end of the filename, but this can be changed to output directly to one of these formats (but I'll leave that as an excercise to you).

@echo off
%~d1 & cd %*
for %%T in (shn flac wav ape) do if exist *.%%T shntool fix *.%%T
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