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Notes shntool -fix command HELP ??

I understood how to get around the DOS PROMPT COMMAND LINE and create a batch file for shntool -len, from (RainDawg's Site) and using the command line and save it to an "empty" notepad file, saving it with a '.bat' to the end, dropping the audio folder to check it.......

but I was wondering if someone could help me out and do the same procedure (copy and paste a command line to a blank notepad file, label it shntool fix.bat and drop the folder to fix the sbe's) by providing me with a command line to use in a batch file [for the life of me I still can't get any of those commands to work {in ms-dos} with WHATEVER directory of lossless music I direct it to], and would it work the same as the shntool -len or it or am I doomed to face the dos prompt all alone ????
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