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Re: Soon to be the greatest portable digital music device! ?

Originally Posted by irishcrazy2005
So what I understand here is that the taping would go through the line-in jack, which is a mono 1/8 inch analog jack. Do most tapers have digital inputs into their recording device (such as a Dat recorder)? Also, it says that it records in .mp3. Can it also record .wav?

Originally Posted by The Sound Professional's page for the Neuros recorder
Some features we have tested that are not mentioned on the Neuros website:

* Audio playback in MP3 format (up to 320 kbps), MP3 VBR, OGG, WAV & WMA and recording in 64-160 kbps MP3 format, 8, 44.1 & 48KHz WAV
* There is a maximum file size of 4Gb (that's huge!), so you can record a 44.1khz .wav file up to 6.4 hours long or a 48khz .wav file up to 5.8 hours long! This is long enough to record a whole show without stopping!
* This unit (unlike the iRiver recorders) has recording level meters
* The battery life when recording MP3 files is 4-6 hours. However, when recording .wav files, the hard disc is spinning constantly, so the battery life using only the built-in battery is about 2.5 hours. We now have two add on rechargeable external battery packs shown below which will extend this run time to 10 hours!
* There is a small amount of amplification built into the unit. If you plug a powered mic into the line input, you can increase the gain up to 12dB. With a sensitive mic (many of our small condensers have good sensitivity), you can get reasonably good levels even in recording situations that are not all that loud (close range voice recordings, unamplified music at moderate levels). Of course, in loud situations (amplified sounds, rock concerts), you will have no problem getting a nice, strong level.
* To insure that you will get a high quality recording when recording a .wav file, you should defragment the hard disc in the Neuros just before making an important recording.
The only downside I see is the battery life, but 2.5 hours for recording isn't too bad. And I'm also curious if it can record in 24-bit, as I'd love to be able to switch up to that.
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