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Re: DVD torrent play fine, but won't play when burned.

These are DVD+RW discs. I actually did burn off another project which I'd authored a while ago but created it from scratch and used an .iso to burn it. That one plays fine in all of my devices.

The Linux program I'm using is called K3b. ( It only gives "burn data DVD project" as a wizard option. I don't see video DVD.

Here's a rundown of what happens when I try to play the DVD in my standalone player:

- insert disc
- screen displays "loading" message and animation like normal.
- screen briefly flashes to black and then back to the "wallpaper" (for lack of a better term) At this time, the screen displays an overlay of "DVD" which I would assume means it's recognized the disc format. When I play a VCD, it says "VCD"
- Hitting menu or stop, etc. presents the "you can't do that at this point" icon. When I do it in the Apple DVD player, it says "operation not permitted" or something like that.
- Bang head on entertainment center
- rinse
- repeat

When I put it in my Powerbook, it mounts and immediately pulls up the Apple DVD player. I would assume this means it's recognized it as a playable DVD-video disc. Wouldn't ya think?

Is it something like a filesystem format or header that I'm missing by just copying the VIDEO_TS folder to the root and burning it? Maybe it's not identifying itself as a proper DVD?I suppose I could try using Toast to create an iso, move it over to the Linux box and try it from there?
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