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Burning a DVD in Linux using K3b

Well, this issue has me pretty stumped. I dl'ed the AudExp U2 show in Brooklyn. Was there myself so I wanted to compile a keepsake for myself and some folks I met up there.

I can play it just fine in Apple's DVD player by opening the VIDEO_TS file. Works like a charm. I can also play it with the Mac VLC, but with no audio. Though I'm not super familliar with VLC, so I could be doing something wrong there.

The trick is, I dont have a DVD burner on my Powerbook. I do have one on my Dell Server runing Red Hat Fedora Core 2. I hadn't burned any DVD's in that yet so this is my first project. I'm using K3b to do the burning.

I copied over the whole contents of the torrent and dropped the VIDEO_TS folder to the root of a data DVD project. It burned fine. However, my DVD players (samsung and a no-name I forget at the moment) wouldn't play the disc. So I put the disc in my Powerbook and the files were there. I tried opening the VIDEO_TS folder in the Mac DVD player to verify. I got a system error:
"Could not detect a valid media file. [-700001]"

I then reburned the DVD adding an empty AUDIO_TS folder, just to see if that would help. No dice.

I don't yet have a DVD player installed on the Linux box (brand new install, I'm keeping it pretty clean), so I mounted the directory containing the files t my Powerbook and tried to play the file with the Mac DVD player over the network. Naturally, it was choppy, but it PLAYED!

Any thoughts as to why the file is no good when it's written to a DVD? I'm about three hours from getting the MTV show and I'd like to be able to burn that one as well.

I've looked at the archives and didn't see anything that sounded like this. As far as I could tell, burning the VIDEO_TS to the root of a DVD should just work.

Thanks! And what an awesome community you guys have here.

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