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Lightbulb format-independent SBE detection with foobar2000

(copied from the Foobar2000 SHN > FLAC Conversion: A Visual Guide thread - I thought people might find this useful )

SBE checking code for foobar2000

To add file format independent SBE indication to your playlist, append the following code to your playlist formatting string (Preferences -> Display -> Title formatting, Playlist tab):

$ifgreater($mod(%_length_samples%,588),0,$rgb(180,90,90,180,90,90)$num($mod(%_length_samples%,588),3 ),)

The result looks kinda like this:

Tracks with a red number after the playing time have an SBE. For example, in the screenshot above, only the Stolen Ogre tracks have SBEs.

Some tech details on the numbers: The number displayed says how many samples would fall in the last sector of this track when burning it on cd. So if it says 587, the track is just one sample shy of sector alignment, while 325 would mean that 263 samples are missing (or that there are 325 too many, depending on how you look at it )

note the nifty PacMan progress bar

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