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Re: Policy on "remastering"

Sorry personal tone intended. I just remember a shitstorm that arose as a result of DC offset correction and wanted to nip it in the bud. I absolutely agree that DC offset correction is an essential part of mastering a recording, provided that it's done right and that it's done on a whole-set basis instead of track-by-track.

One of the goals Five and I had at STG before it finally went down was to make a good archive of remastering techniques and how to do them right. I have a few of the simpler ones that I'm putting the finishing touches on, including a DC offset on a complete-set basis one. So much work getting this site up that I've not had time to get those down yet.....

Listen, no personal offense taken. I post my opinions here, so let's not start to take disagreement personally. I think there are good ways to use every tool provided in the audio editing suites, and my goal at this site is to direct people to the safest and most effective way to do them, not elevate myself to position of sole arbiter of what's good.

Let's resume discussing this matter in a friendly way....
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