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RIP Nightshifted

from the Dime:

Fri 21st Dec, 2018

(20:00 GMT) Dear all,

Today we learned the very sad news that our senior moderator Nightshifted passed away a few days ago. Ted was the first moderator erwe appointed at the end of August 2004. We would like to share a text with you our colleague Les (McDanger) wrote. He just nailed it and none of us could have said it any better.

You made us laugh, you taught us things, you occasionally said things we wish you hadn't, you found the root of the problem quickly, you helped massively those who needed help, you had a habit of wanting the last word, you didn't use smileys, you thought laterally, you didn't like emails with no subject headings, you put up with all of us, you had the gift of coming up with classic witticisms, you constantly strived to improve things on DIME, you always told people exactly when their status will change to uploader based on their time zone, etc, ....., etc, ....., etc. We could go on and on and on. We've known you for ages and you have made such a massive impact and impression on us, and helped us to improve in a number of different things.

So, thank you, Nightshifted, and we miss you terribly. Without you, DIME isn't the same anymore. Fare thee well, friend. We hope you are flying with those noble creatures you liked best.
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