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Re: Burning direct from compressed files

I've been using the Burrrn program for the past year or so and had no problems or 'coasters'. Basically, I keep/archive all my music in a lossless format for trading and storing. Any show I want to have in audio/wav format, I just drag the compressed files into the Burrrn program, it converts the files and then burns them to disc. These discs are for my own personal use, and if I were to trade in audio/wav then I'd probrably want to use the appropriate converter/decoder (like mkw for shn or Flac Frontend for Flac) first and then use a reliable burning program to burn to disc (and not running any programs in the background).
I haven't had any discs turn out bad with Burrrn though, no glitches or artifacts, and I've done that while I've got many programs running.
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