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Old 2004-12-09, 08:17 PM
shntool md5

Got another show I'd like to seed, has I guess what is a wholefile md5 but not an shntool md5. Until 5 minutes ago I didn't know there were different kinds of md5 files. So, since I've never used shntool before, an you're still alpha testing your shntool frontend, can I seed the show right now without the shntool md5 file and learn how to generate them in time for the next show I torrent? Saw a post that led me to believe that for now you're still accepting torrents without the shntool md5.

If you're gonna require me to do the shntool md5, could ya make it easy for me and give a link to where I can download whatever program I need and point me towards some instructions on how to use it? Been looking on here and I'm going in circles, getting frustrated.
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