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Re: 2-disc and 3-disc jewel cases that support standard coverart?

Originally Posted by DMBpride
To add to my portfolio, I am hoping to include some of the coverart I have created.. however, some of them are from 3 disc shows. I havnt seen anything that seems to support a standard square front insert and back insert with tabs, that also holds 3 cd's- so my question is-

to those of you that use my art (and perhaps there arent any, after all? :P) what do you do/where do you buy from for shows that require 3-disc cases?

Doubles is easy:


They have the slim ones that I use all the time to hold my backup DVDs. The problem is that the bottom of the case has pegs for holding the third disc, so you need to put little holes in the artwork to poke the pegs through so that the third disc can be held. Or, you have to do with the doublewide jewel case on the top of the page, which wouldn't hold the front cover artwork you've shown here.

That's the best you're going to do, I'm afriad.
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