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sometimes yes ... sometimes no; we are talking about hundreds of recordings. There are mixes that were broadcast and mixes that were traded and there were "ticket office mixes' for the folks in the trenches that missed the showcause they needed to work. Some of the stuff in circulation is just what he fiddled it to be when he put it on to cassette... and Dan was not the only one with access to his masters :-)

Some 85 SBD's in circulation are TERRIBLY dry; nothing but SBD and that is probably recorded from a patch at the show. The May 5, 6 ,1989 frost amphitheater shows were broadcast and have an outragously rich mic blend that could be from the pre-FM or might be a healy postmix (and they just might have had access to DAT at that time but I think that was later in the year)

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<So... post show he could take a cassette and record the show onto it with the level between audience and SBD adjusted as he preferred >

I always thought Healy did these in real time on a slight delay. You can hear him playing around with the fader to set the audience levels during the songs. If it was done after show wouldn't he have just set them and left them go?
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