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Re: Expansion of SHN > FLAC question

hmmm,.. well let me ask this question then.

What, exactly does a torrent file check to make sure that everything is correct between two different seeds on a torrent?
Off the top of my head I'm guessing I've assisted in the initial seeding of at least 5 or 6 torrents using "restored" SHN's (meaning SHN>FLAC>SHN on my computer) and all times I was shown 100% complete during initial hookup.

Is the fail rate so low on a SHN>FLAC>SHN conversion that I've just gotten lucky so far?...meaning would I have to do 100 or 1000 conversions to get one bad?

I"m hoping that the torrent check wouldn't let some unmatching parts get through or we're all in a lot of trouble
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