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Re: Policy on "remastering"

I stronly disagree....there are quite a few people here who know what the hell they're doing. I could give you a dose of some the work Five or I have done on old analog stuff with NR, EQ, and Hiss Reduction and you'd be hooked for life. It's a very valuable tool when used correctly. 90% of the time, I can tell from someone's info file if they know what they are doing or if they're faking it.

On this topic, however, I should note that DC offset correction is fine, but must be done as a complete set. I will NOT endorse any audio editing done with EAC as it's just not practical to done track-at-a-time fixed for audio.

We are planning on endorsing personal remasters heavily provided that full information as to what was done is included. Again, you can usually tell when someone has done it right....
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